An Industry Leader with Green Values at Heart

At United Fibers we believe quality has no substitute. Our unmatched service in the recycling industry and the ability to transform these materials into one of the greenest eco-friendly building products has placed our name as an industry leader and committed advocate in making Mother Earth a Greener place.

Jim Kean, principal founder, son Mike Kean, General Manager of United Fibers and its predecessor entities, have an extensive history in manufacturing and recycling dating back over 30 years. The current location has been operating since 1977 in Chandler, Arizona. During this time period United Fibers became the largest producer of secondary cellulose products manufactured from recycled paper in the southwestern United States. Through the high demand for its sustainable building products United Fibers has also become one of the largest recyclers of paper and packaging products in Arizona. These materials are managed and driven through community based recycling programs that essentially provide 100% of the necessary recycled paper utilized in our cellulose insulating product.

A key component in our success is to be an instrument of change-driving growth, both for ourselves and for our industry. We are innovators, constantly striving to break new ground in technology, manufacturing excellence and sustainability. Our focus on premium products and the strong relationships we have built with our customers goes a long way in defining our leadership role.

United Fibers recognizes the importance of environmental preservation and stewardship, and for this reason offers the widest array of recycling services possible. These efforts are made to reduce the carbon footprint created by industrial, commercial and public activities. From paper to plastic, United Fibers is committed to providing recycling solutions for most recyclable materials in an attempt to make a viable, easy option. At United Fibers we create alternatives in recycling and produce eco-friendly insulating products that make our world a better place – a privilege we take seriously.

"All things living and all things not living are the products of the same primal explosion and evolutionary history and hence are interrelated in an internal way from the very beginning. We are distant cousins to the stars and near relations to the oceans, plants, and all other living creatures on our planet.” -Sally McFague

We’re always excited to serve, and that’s especially true beyond our day-to-day business. United Fibers gives back through many charitable programs and we’re proud to partner with local and national charity organizations to make a difference in the lives of others.