We’re always excited to serve, and that’s especially true beyond our day-to-day business.

Commercial Recycling Solutions

Garbage service in Phoenix and the surrounding Metro Area is expensive. Every item you are able to divert from your waste stream into a recycling program has the opportunity to save your business money, big money!

United Fibers can help your business go GREEN. We have saved Maricopa and Pinal County area businesses hundreds of thousand of dollars by implementing a paper and cardboard recycling campaign. Our Green Depot not only saves your business money, it rewards you for your efforts.

Buy Back Center

United Fibers is pleased to announce that we have reopened our Buy Back Center. We will purchase any amount of cardboard over 100 pounds. To obtain current pricing, please click on the button below:

Please note that we do accept cardboard under 100 pounds as a donation (moving boxes, etc).
Our buyback center is open Monday-Thursday from 7:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. or by appointment.

Our Education Center

The United Fibers Education Center is a wonderful resource and we welcome any interested classes, community groups or individuals that would like to learn more about recycling and the science behind products manufactured from recycling.

The $200,000 Green classroom will help students in Chandler and Kyrene school districts, along with many others, to better understand what happens once the recycling bins are picked up outside their homes.